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Corporate meetings and events come alive with ONstage, our live event division. Your ideas and your message take center stage in the hands of our expert team who bring your vision to fruition with state-of-the-art audio visual solutions that are on budget and on time, every time.


When your message, whether entertaining or inspiring, is felt and understood from the front row to the back, the ground swell of energy feeds forward and engages the entire group. In the audio department, we use a palette of tools, including industry leading line array systems, delay systems and distributed low profile systems as appropriate to make sure your message reaches the entire audience.

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ONstage is a leader in innovation with a seasoned understanding of video technology and trends. We continue to invest in new video technology and the people to use it. Buying the right equipment is the easy part, but we ensure our people are well trained on systems like the Barco E2, the Vista Spyder system and mapping systems like the Coolux® Pandoras Box media server.

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ONstage lighting designers and technicians pull together to deliver that extraordinary experience, finding that edge, drawing forth emotion with color, texture and movement. With our large inventory of intelligent lighting, including products from Varilite, Martin, and Barco, they set the mood, paint the room and deliver the “eye candy” that draws the audience in and keeps them engaged.

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With mapping systems like Coolux Pandoras Box in the hands of our knowledgeable team, beautiful graphics and video can be painted onto complex surfaces, like concave screens, custom scenic pieces, complex architecture or even a shiny new car. Enormous screens can be made interactive, responding to the touch of a presenter. A 120ft screen can suddenly become as interactive as a handheld tablet.

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Custom designs make your event unique. We have scenic solutions for almost any budget. In addition to state-of-the-art dynamic scenic solutions, like using Microtiles or video mapping, we also carry an extensive line of fabricated scenic products, and have the resources to design and fabricate custom solutions to suit any need.

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Widescreen Blending

The gain factor of the screen mat, the focal point of the projector and the lens, the distance to the screen, the overlap of pixels in the blend; many considerations go into creating a great widescreen blend. When done correctly, the results are brilliant and the impact is impressive. Our inventory includes some of the best in class blending and projection systems, including the Barco E2, the Vista Systems Spyder and DLP HD projectors from Christie and Barco.

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