Tradeshow Services

From small, intimate exhibits to tradeshows spanning entire convention centers, ON is well versed in the dynamics of the tradeshow floor. Service is of the utmost importance and so is having great technology to highlight your product and capture the attention of tradeshow attendees.

The Tradeshow Experience

Tradeshows are a unique facet of an event, where booths compete for attention as attendees make their rounds on the tradeshow floor. Technology and presentation play a key role in winning that attention, delivering your message and making for a successful tradeshow experience.

We have built a unique inventory over the years to support the tradeshow experience. We also have a process that starts with understanding your goals. With that understanding we create a plan to deliver, and once on the tradeshow floor, we have a well trained team to make sure it all comes together.


Christie MicroTiles were the display of choice for the 2016 CNN hosted Republican and Democratic Debates. ON used hundreds of MicroTiles to create the stunning backdrops for those debates, and as good as they looked on TV, they’re equally as impressive on the tradeshow floor.

OLED LookThru Displays

These unique, translucent displays enable you to overlay stunning images, videos and information in front of your actual product, with no backing or enclosure required. With this revolutionary transparent surface as part of your exhibit, tradeshow attendees can view the dynamic information shown on the glass video screen, while still being able to see through to your product.

MultiTaction Displays

With MultiTaction Displays, your exhibit becomes an interactive playground. Imagine unlimited touch points, business card scanning, interactive file and presentation access for your Sales and Marketing team, interactive drawing capabilities and so much more… This is MultiTaction.


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